On Jan 25, 1917 300 sex workers in San Francisco marched to protest the imminent closure of their brothels. The Old Pro Project is an annual event that builds towards this anniversary. We are part of a multigenerational movement that has been advocating for our rights for over a hundred years.

Project Premise

Sex workers are everywhere and we have always been part of the story. The Old Pro Project seeks to advance sex workers rights by elevating the stories of sex workers from history. By showing sex workers as powerful, brilliant, and central figures, we can reclaim our place in the national narrative. We can change the stories we tell about sex workers.

The Oldest Profession Podcast is raising money to fund art advocacy projects in five cities around the US; New York City, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and New Orleans, to start. Our goal is to have completed art advocacy projects in as many cities as possible by the end of 2020, so that on January 25th we can release all of the artwork as part of a coordinated digital campaign.

January 25th is the date we’ve chosen, because it marks the first ever documented sex worker rights march in the USA.

Old Pro Project 2020

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Make a tax-deductible donation

 The Old Pro Project is a fiscally sponsored project of the Social Good Fund

You or your organization can make a tax deductible donation to support The Old Pro Project.

We hope to expand the cities we fund to 15 next year!

What the project money can be used for

We see a critical need to get cash into the hands of sex workers, artists and advocates. Our hope is that the majority of the money will be used to hire sex workers to do the work of creating, messaging, and distributing artwork. The money can be spent on supplies, labor, and distribution for the Old Pro Project.

City coordinators in each city are working closely with sex worker rights advocates and artists to create a coordinated project that tells the story of an old pro from their home city.

Sex workers from history were chosen in collaboration with The Oldest Profession Podcast, the national board, and city coordinators and their communities. The Old Pro Project’s intention is to create pieces that will be used locally and nationally to raise money and awareness for sex worker stories.

Old Pro Project money can be used to “promote the mission of The Oldest Profession Podcast,” which is to raise awareness about sex workers in history.

How it works

The Oldest Profession, a podcast dedicated to researching and telling stories about sex workers from history, has secured a donation to fund an art build ($10,000 each) in 5 cities. The podcast is not a grant giving organization but they can spend money promoting the mission of the podcast.

A city coordinator has been hired in all five cities, historic old pros have been chosen, and project proposals have been submitted in collaboration with sex worker advocates in all five cities. Each cities sex worker advocates and artists are currently building the pieces. You can track our progress, see behind the scenes sketches and ideas, and meet all the incredible old pros involved on our blog.

Each city’s work will showcase both locally and nationally as part of a nationally coordinated campaign January 25th.

Long term goals

The Oldest Profession would like to encourage sex worker advocates to use work generated by the Old Pro Project to promote their local and national objectives.

All of the artwork will be free to license to sex worker rights advocacy groups or individuals promoting sex worker stories. Local groups can print t-shirts, show our documentaries and music videos at their events, print and distribute our zines, essays and photos. They can use these images and stories to inspire their own fundraising campaigns.

The Oldest Profession wants to inspire artists and advocates everywhere to use these stories to reclaim our history.

Any group found using these images to denigrate sex workers, artists, or advocates will face legal action.


To qualify for this project funding for next year, we ask the following:

  • How will your group center the leadership of sex workers who experience discrimination such as racism, ablism, sexism, xenophobia, etc?
  • How will your group navigate conflict if people don’t agree?
  • How will the group stay on track and make sure this project is a success?
  • Who is your group, and who will be involved in this project?
  • Do you already know which old pro or event you and your community would like to elevate?
  • Do you need help with research?


our community partners

Press & Partner Inquires Please Contact:

Savannah Sly, National Coordinator | mssavannahsly [at] gmail [dot] com